Who am I?

Well, hi there. My name is Jason and you have somehow stumbled across this little bit of my brain dished out onto the internet for all to see. I don’t have mission statement or anything fancy like that; I just put up whatever tickles my pickle (my mother is going to hate that I wrote that). I bill myself as a marketing consultant, which certainly keeps me jumping, but before anything else, I’m a writer. I tend to post press releases that I’ve written (if they manage to sucker some media outlet into distributing them) because, otherwise, I would have no proof of my marketing skills to display here.

I also write for a number of other websites and organizations, so sometimes I post those…

I’m boring myself. Here are the things that I love, in no particular order: home-roasted coffee (not my home – I have friends), flavorful teas, baking, singing, reading (novels – none of that non-fiction nonsense), dogs, chocolate, driving, boating, pretending like I’m British, ordering Anna Kendrick at Taco Bell, dinner parties, music, wine, chiropractic adjustments, logic puzzles, pranks, and people (despite what I say to my friends).

And I draw stick figures.