Starbucks does a pretty decent job of owning their social media presence. Maintaining it has got to be a pretty easy gig, too, when you have a pool of 200,000 people tagging their photos with #tobeapartner to choose from.

One of my many realizations as I sat in my car last night after closing the store for the very last time was that I am no longer one of them.

I really haven’t been sad about leaving. The people here are fun and I still enjoy Branson, but I’m not really very sentimental. Every once in a while, though, something catches me off guard – like starting to write #tobeapartner only to find that it no longer applies. Or making the banner at the top of this post. Going through my back catalogue of random phone photographs brought back a lot of memories! Such as:

This was the day I brought in my first batch of cold brew to share. The look of horror on Megan’s face is priceless. She gets so antsy when someone takes a paparazzi photo of her. Hypocrite. 🙂 Or this one:

From when we took the night off to celebrate the last performance of one of our regulars, Jamie, another friend I’ve made at Starbucks.

Locker Buddies

Or this one with my locker buddy, Sara(no h). Awwwww, I’m going to miss these folks. In a town as small as Branson and a store as isolated as Branson’s Starbucks, your co-workers are your friends and these are some AMAZING friends.


But life moves on. New opportunities crop up and we start out on new adventures. The longer I’m alive, the smaller the world feels. It doesn’t even feel like I’m moving out of state; it feels like I’m moving across town.

K, bye, Starbucks! Please speak of me to newbies as you would of a fabled hero. #coffeemaster

Author: Jason Hunt

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