The One With All the Goodbyes

Well, my time in College Station is quickly drawing to a close. Seth left today (actually he left yesterday, but I haven’t gone to sleep yet…so today). It was really weird coming home to a completely empty, sterile-feeling house. The carpets do look nice and clean though (thanks, Tim!). Anyway, since I am taking off for Waco in three days, I thought that I would do a special post for those people that I am leaving behind here in College Station. But, you know me, I never do anything the easy way. I had to make this a little more fun! So, here we go.

Seth, Diana, Suzy, Kurten Emily, Dan and Amy Saylak, Marky and Alison Record, Julia, and the Kurten Choir; follow these instructions to read your message.

Click the link below marked “IDENTIFY” to open the ID box. The first box will ask you for you first name. For the Saylaks and the Records, the names you need to use are “Daniel” and “Mark.” For everyone else…I certainly hope that you know your own first name. The second box will ask for a password. You can get that by looking at the list below. I realize that a lot of the passwords are painfully obvious, but please respect everyone’s privacy and only read the message written to you. Good luck! Let me know if you have any problems.


Seth———->You, Stephen Potter, and I stayed up all night playing a game at your house. What was the name of the game?

Diana———>On the night we had out 6 hour moviethon, what kind of movies did we watch?

Suzy———->The day I helped you out with your homework in the dining room at your house, what subject were you working on?

Kurten Emily–>You and I switched parts in one section of the song we sang together this month. What was the first line of that section (not including the word that I sang with you).

Dan and Amy Saylak–>Dr. Saylak, the first time Diana and I visited you in the E.R., we brought you food from where?

Marky and Allison—>Fill in the blanks “Stupid little _____ _______!”

Julia———->Who’s a lesbian?

Kurten Choir—>Okay, for the first name, you will need to enter the first name of our illustrious director. For the password, what was the name of the first piece of music I sang with the choir in the service?

There you go! Enjoy! Let me know if you have nay problems!

Author: Jason Hunt

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  1. Your going to Waco, thats where jessica simpson is from. i was looking at your list of movies and i gotta say, thoose are some girly movies… Emily told me to write that. Bye

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  2. Oh, come on now!! The Matrix? The Counte of Monte Cristo? *sigh* What makes a movie girly? The fact that it has elements of FEELINGS in it? That doesn’t make ME girly! In fact, I think it makes me more manly. Grrrrrrrr…..

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  3. Ok I just have to clear my name….Lyndsay was telling me that she thought your top movies were girly, and I said if thats what she thought she should tell you….i haven’t seen all the movies on your list so I can’t say if they are girly or not!

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  4. Thanks… =(…. wait… I mean =)

    (ok… the password… that’s a little rediculous don’t you think?!?!?!?)

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  5. I have to admit, that it is really hard to not try to hack into those! I want to see what you said. I almost started to and then realized that really would be very nice. So I didn’t. Go will power!

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  6. Hahaha. As a reward for your will power, Canadian Emily, you now have a goodbye message waiting for you! Your password is your last name!

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  7. Oh my gosh!!! That is the greatest thing EVER! I am super excited that you made me a goodbye message! THANK YOU! That totally made my day! You are the greatest EVER!

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  8. First of all I must say that this is the first time I have ever visited your blog and I’ve now spent THIRTY MINUTES HERE!!! You are so hilarious, it’s a shame I didn’t know you better when you and Seth were roomies!

    As for your top tens…
    – I don’t like Annie Lennox, but I like Celtic music. I didn’t realize you had such a wide range of music you listen to! That’s how I am!

    – Now as for the movies, I have never known any man to put “Under the Tuscan Sun” on his top ten list. I find it highly amusing but your other choices are good. I love First Knight. Julie Ormond is beautiful. Hmmm, I need to go watch that.

    – And I TOTALLY agree with all of your shows that need to be nixed. I haven’t watched most of them because I’m not really a t.v. person, but I’ve seen like half a show or so. And I got over American Idol after second season. Have you checked out Gray’s Anatomy? I like that one. Comes on after Desperate Housewives Sunday nights. Yes, I shamefully admit that I watch that show.

    Well now that I’ve taken up half a page for just one post, I’ll go away now. But now that I know how interesting you are, I may be tempted to come back here more often!

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  9. Hahaha. Amber, you crack me up! I am sorry I didn’t get to know you better this year too! 😉 Oh well, bygones and what not. Anyway, I’m glad you are reading my Blog now and that we share music tastes! I like most music (with the exception of country and rap…except for the ones I like…) and I do have a varied collection. BUT I saw that you were listening to Sympathy by Apotheosis when you last posted and I was listening to it when I read! Woooooooooo…chills. Hee hee hee.

    As for the movies…I know, I know. They are girly (seems to be the trend of these comments), but what can I say? I LOVE Under the Tuscan Sun. It really should be #1 on the list, but I didn’t think to put them in any kind of order. Firstly, I love Diane Lane (right up there with Julia Ormond on my Top 10 list of actresses. Did you ever see the movie Othello with Laurence Fishburne? She TOTALLY should have played Desdemona. Would have been perfect. Wait…what was I talking about?) and secondly, I love the fact that she takes off to Italy and stays on a whim. Oooh, if I had the money, I would do the same! What a great house! And the way the house reflects Francis’ growth as she becomes more comfortable with her decision…oh, it’s great! Exceptionally well done.

    That went on longer than I intended. Let’s move on. I have seen Grey’s Anatomy and it is superb! I was going to make a Top 10 list of the best television shows…but I couldn’t fill it up. My favorites are One Tree Hill (if you haven’t guessed from reading the Blog), Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, and House. I’ll watch some others if they are on and I am bored, but that’s about it.

    Phew. See? And you thought it was out of place to leave a long comment….Tsk, tsk.

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  10. I can’t believe you’re leaving us… well actually u already did. 🙁 i miss you alot. It’s weird knowing that u won’t just drop by like usual just to say hi or sumthing. No more spontaneous CSI marathons, xbox games, or runs to shake’s… wow i’m gonna miss spontaneous shake’s running. Thank you so much for my wonderful goodbe note. I cried when i read it. I know, there’s nothing in there to sentimental, but sum of the things u said really touched me. Especially knowing that u won’t be able to be here for everything anymore. well, at least i know you’re just a few hours away. I can’t wait to see ya again!!! luv ya bunches

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  11. Jason, Jason, Jason… first of all, how COOL was that?! I got to type in a secret coded password and everything! I felt VERY Mission Impossible-esque. Thank you for that!

    Secondly, I really, REALLY appreciate everything you wrote to me. I absolutely loved having you as a roommate. My only complaint is that we waited until our last years to share a house! Between our hectic schedules, endless papers and assignments, and having to close our doors to keep our dogs apart, it seemed like we were rarely in the same place at the same time. Stink. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to have you invite me almost everywhere you went, though. Even though I was forced to do this or that, it warmed my heart just to get invited to the movies with you and your friends.

    Thanks for putting up with the loud singing, too! 🙂 I consider myself truly blessed to know you, and I know our paths will cross again very, very soon. Ha HA! I’m psychic, too!

    Have a good summer, my man!!

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