The One for Tim

I also wanted to say hello to Tim Haygood! You can hear him in the music player, in case you haven’t been paying attention for the last two days. Tim stopped by the blog this week and sent me an e-mail, so Howdy, Tim! I is glad you came by.

Author: Jason Hunt

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  1. Do you think you could get Shawn Haygood to stop by your sister’s? He’s too cute.

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  2. You know, I was about to. Really, I whipped out my cell phone ready to dial away (‘cuz we tight like that, you know) when I realized that someone did not sign their comment!

    And sadly, the moment passed. And now Jenn will be single forever. So sad.

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  3. I would sign except it won’t accept any of my usernames or password attempts. This is your mother speaking.

    Now follow through!

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  4. You can send them a message from their website, YOU follow through! Sheesh, a guy shakes your hand and you’re already playing matchmaker? I am glad you didn’t shake Desta’s hand!

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  5. Shows what you know. That is NOT the reason I think he’d be good for your sister. And YOU should follow up with Desta. After all, your sister wasn’t there, and you’re the one in touch with a sibling there.

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  6. Can I have a moment to interject and say that I don’t appreciate y’all talking about me like I’m not even here!!!

    I suppose that if that Shawn Haygood person wanted to fin me, he could find me on Jay’s Inner Circle list… except I don’t use it. Sorry! No xanga for me. Jay, maybe you can change it to my space account…

    … Then again I’ve been blogging about how in love with Jim Brickman I am… lol

    Yup, guess I’m staying single.


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  7. Well, Jenn, maybe you should go back to a REAL blog instead of MySpace…sheesh, could you BE any more Middle-School-Girl (insert Chandler Bing inflection)? And for that matter, we wouldn’t talk about you like you weren’t there if you were EVER here! But do you read your brother’s log? Nooooooooooo… *sigh*

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  8. That was supposed to say “your brother’s blog.” Grrrr….

    And Jenn, that was a SHAMELESS plug wasn’t it? You made all the noise about the Inner Circle links on purpose! You WANT him to visit your blog! You should be ashamed of yourself, using your own brother’s site like that.

    But you’re right, you don’t update your Xanga. SO…..just for Shawn, should he decide to stop by, this is the address for Jenn’s MySpace–>

    So, Jenn, you had better write something REALLY nice…..

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  9. Omg, the Chandler Bing inflection wa right up there with MONK. Seriously, you’re a big dork. And now some Silly Haygood brother is going to see your post and they’re really never going to want to adopt you! SO HA!

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  10. First of all, it’s not the Haygood brothers who need to adopt me, but their PARENTS! Come on, Jenn. Pay attention.

    ANNNNNNDDDDD, now you’ve called them silly. See if Shawn ever falls for you NOW!

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  11. Like I care. I really see this as Mom and Dad’s way of getting me out of their house.

    At least Mom’s… Dad, not too sure. since he got me a stuffed animal I dno’t think he sees me as a grown up. lol

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