I have a new girlfriend

And her name is Val. She’s not famous and she doesn’t hang out in the cool parts of the city, but daaaaaaang. Gurl makes some cheesecake.

I’ve been in Dallas for a year now and while I’ve done a little bit of exploring (mostly with food, because duh), I haven’t done much to document it. Yesterday, I was in an exceptionally bad mood, so I, in true white girl fashion, decided to get something to eat at a new place. Enter Val.

Val doesn’t know about our relationship, by the way. She will though. And, why? Because Val makes these:

Baby, It's Cold Outside on the left and Oh, Nutella on the right

Per Instagram TOS, I added a fall leaf to the photo for artsiness.

That one on the left is called Baby, It’s Cold Outside and it has oreo cookies, peppermint swirl cheesecake, and peppermint candy on top. It was SO GOOD. The one on the right is the Oh, Nutella because of COURSE I bought the Nutella one. It was amazing and it almost had the flavor of hazelnut liquor in it. No complaints here. Plus, look at those cute little jars.

In researching the name of the Baby, It’s Cold Outside (because the deliciousness blew it out of my

Look at this tiny little kitchen!

My kitchen is bigger. And produces worse food.

head), I found that this tiny little bakery even makes savory cheesecakes? Smoked salmon cheesecake? Cheddar bacon cheesecake???? This might have to happen. And I do mean TINY bakery, by the way. It’s basically a kitchen with a window, but it’s 100% worth standing on the sidewalk to eat one of these bad boys. Mmmmmm.

Author: Jason Hunt

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