Government in the Deep South

Every once in a while, you will run across one of those people who belongs in a movie somewhere. My government professor is one of those people. He embodies SO many stereotypes! He is an older man, a former mayor, lawyer, judge, and Senate person. He was born and raised in Mississippi and he SOUNDS like it! I have to tell you, there are days when we accomplish NO government, but listening to his stories and idions is worth the tuition fees. I have decided to include a few of them here for your enjoyment, but be forewarned…THIS SEGMENT CONTAINS PROFANITY!! Please do not be offended. Just step back, read through these comments, and laugh!

“I coulda chewed wire and spit nails”. I’m telling you…this guy has some of the most interesting outbursts for his anger. And he is angry a LOT! 🙂

And this is one of my FAVORITES! But it takes a little explaining…See, he was telling us about a judge from his past that had a knack for being sneaky and underhanded. His name was Jarmel, and this professor HATED him…”Two years later, I heard that Jarmel had gone back to New Jersey and the old bastard died……..Things have a way of working out”. Then, he turns around and walks back to the front of the room and pauses…”Crooked Bastard”.

One of my friends in the class has started keeping track of the random words that he spits out throughout our lectures as well. There are many. Including “Jicky”. Everything is jicky. If you get drunk, you’re jicky.

Or how about, “High as a Georgia Pine from drinkin’ wine”.

“Here’s one that’ll jump and grab ya’ by the tender parts”

Then, there was the time he was telling us how to deal with a police officer who pulled one of us over unfairly. He told us to look him in the eye and say, “I’m fixin’ to file a formal complaint against yo’ tired ass……no, don’t tell him that”.

Anyway, just thought I would share with you a little bit more about my life.


Author: Jason Hunt

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  1. So… The thing is… if you get pulled over by a cop… you just say… “did you pull me over becuase of the dead bodies in the trunk?”… However, he just sounds like a riot. I think that you should publish some of the saying in a book… I’m doing that with funny stories!

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  2. That is funny! Now, can you guess who sent you this comment?

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  3. Can I guess?????…. um…. Falula!!!! Am I right??!?!??!?

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  4. Wow… this is a hard one…. what about Bafuzala?

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  5. BEEEEEP! Nope. Wrong again. (This is fun!)

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  6. Is it that really smart girl that you know and that everyone in the entire universe loves because she is the funniest, cutest, creativest, bestest person in the whole wide world?

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  7. Can’t believe Jim really knows someone who meets that description and hasn’t told me – and I know that doesn’t describe me. Keep guessing.

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  8. I once heard a legend about an ancient dragon that lurked in the woods behind a stone castle. Each night, the dragon would peer through the spiney trees and look to the single light in the castle. One dark night, he looked at the lit window… and there was a fair maiden typing away at her computer… she was writing wise words… The dragon was so taken by her beauty that he gasped in astonishment. The lady, who was the princess of the stone castle, jumped in fright. She hid her computer from the world never to reviel her secrets to another soul. MY THEORY: I think that the princess has come back to the computer and is writing these stories.

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  9. Good luck playing with minds now, silly! I have made a few changes! Hee hee hee.

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  10. Alright, Sara, you are scaring my friends, so PLEASE post something and take your props.

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  11. Cracks me up that you couldn’t guess and now I can’t post anonymously. Gotcha!

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